Tiranga- the identity of every Indian, the tri color Flag which flies high in the sky and raises the honor of every Indian. This year Mr. Khalid Qureshi senior ticket checker in western Railways Mumbai, starts his 80 days run to get Tiranga displayed in every home and educational and religious institutes which will start from 26thJanuary 2012 @ 8:30am from Gateway of India Mumbai to India Gate of New Delhi. He will run for almost 1,900 KM, Mumbai to New Delhi carrying Tiranga, to encourage, inspire and enthuse every Indian to love Tiranga, and proudly display it every day.


Khalid Qureshi as a visionary took the initiative of I LOVE MY TIRANGA once while he was sitting at his home and was checking his medals and achievements boldly kept in the frame with honor. He realized that everything was at his home except for “The Tiranga”.


Two years ago, Khalid, conceived a bold vision, to popularize a cause very dear to his heart ‐ The Tiranga. He said, “Why is it that our flag is unfurled only when we win at cricket, or on national day, or during anti-corruption rallies. We Indians should be proud to display Tiranga every day and not just wait for an occasion!”


Khalid feels it is highly unfortunate that any Indian will love to adorn his house with all the luxuries of the world, but a simple thought of displaying Tiranga, which is the representation of patriotism, love and respect for the country, will never cross his mind. “How many Indian home can boast of having a Tiranga displayed with pride and honor?” questioned Khalid. His humble motive is to trigger the thought on the minds of every Indian that Indian Flag should be hoisted in every house.


Tiranga the national flag of India stands for Indian Culture, Charm, Truth and simplicity of our country’s power, unity and energy.


Mr. Qureshi also stated that, “Keeping Tiranga at home will build in character of every Indian.” His initiative ‘I Love My Tiranga’ has been started with a mission to have a ‘Tiranga in Every Indian Home’.


Khalid participated in Marathons organized at Goa on 11thDecember and Ahmedabad on 25thDecember, 2012 running with Indian flag in hand. He was invited as Guest Runner at Run Powai Run on 8thJanuary, 2012. He also participated in the Half Marathon at Mumbai Marathon, 2012.