”Tutiya Dil” story and synopsis

“Tutya Dil’ is a story about how different people deal with their heart breaks in a different manner.Though the word heartbreak sounds rather serious , the movie is a fun ride.It’s the story about Rhea Kapoor (Suzanna Mukherjee), her friend Anu (Iris Maity), Rhea’s new boss Karan Oberoi (Nikhil Sabharwal) and Rhea’s colleague Vishal (Siddhant Kapoor).
Rhea is a beautiful, vibrant and an independent girl.She meets her new boss Karan and she falls in love with him.Rhea plans to live with him. Before their relationship go further, Karan dumps her and she is left heartbroken and homeless.later she moves in with a co-worker Vishal and faces further problems.She blames the entire male species for her condition. Now Karan wants Rhea back but she is adamant.what the lesson Rhea learns from this sour relationship is the film all about.
The film is directed by Amit Khanna and it also stars Ankit Gupta, Jyoti Bhardwaj, Angel Farmahan, Darpan Malik and Naveen Kaushik.
The film has cinematography by Shweta Chanda,music by Gulraj singh,lyrics by manoj Yadav,and editing by Archit D Rastogi.