Anupam Kher turns motivational trainer



After essaying many roles in films, theatre and television, celebrated actor Anupam Kher has now turned author with the release of his life-coaching book THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS …YOU!! 


The book was released at Out of the Blue, Le Sutra Hotel, by Amitabh Bachchan, Pritish Nandy, Kirron Kher, media personalities Arnab Goswami, Nidhi Razdan, Ashutosh and Publisher, Hay House, Ashok Chopra.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kher said,  “I believe that there are more lessons to be learnt from failure than success and dealing with failure successfully has been my way of combating the vicissitudes of life. I never realised the power of this philosophy till I staged my one-man autobiographical play Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai in 2005 in which I laughed at my reverses. Ironically, it has become my most successful endeavour and was the genesis of the book.


My mantra has been that by never trying, we are only ensuring failure. I felt that I should share these thoughts with more people, which is why I took up to speaking about them at some of the most prestigious institutes in the US and before corporate audiences. In the process, I realised that I had unknowingly become a life-coach. I then thought of reaching out to a wider audience and along came the book THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS …YOU!! I think it is a book for all seasons, a book for all reasons,” says Kher.


Mr Ashok Chopra, said that Mr Kher has led an extraordinary life and was a completely self-made man, who was greatly respected. “It was evident to us that a book by him with his life lessons, insights and anecdotes would be in perfect sync with the Hay House philosophy of publishing books that focus on transforming the self for the better. We’re extremely pleased with how THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS …YOU!!  has turned out and are sure  that it’ll be a great source of inspiration to millions of readers round the world. It is being published in various Indian regional languages and also as an ebook by our international offices.”


Arnab Goswami, Nidhi Razdan, Anupam Kher, Amitabh Bachchan, Ashok Chopra, Kirron Kher, Pritish Nandy and Ashutosh

THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS …YOU!!  contains Kher’s views on a wide variety of topics such as the anger syndrome, the phenomenon of change,  thought control,  dealing with relationships, being detached, conquering stress, getting rid of fears, coming to terms with failure, realizing the power within oneself, the importance of forgiveness, coping with loss and death… and much more.


Using examples from his own life and experiences, Kher subtly motivates and inspires by providing a handy guide to discovering your real self and finding peace of mind and contentment in today’s chaotic times! He feels that the best way to counter the negativity that exists in the world these days, where people are gripped by fear, insecurity, stress, frustration and unhappiness is by acquiring a positive outlook. Citing his own example, he reveals how a humble background need not be an obstacle to attaining the dizzying heights of success, but simultaneously, speaks of the importance of handling such success.


Here’s a book you will find yourself turning to for soothing, insightful guidance and practical advice no matter what situation you’re in. You WILL come to realize that the best thing about you is YOU!