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Not many know that as a kid Ekta Kapoor had always wanted to be a film journalist. She had also done a couple of stories as a cub reporter (with the assistance of a staffer) for gossip magazine Stardust. Much to the chagrin of her dad, he was quite sure that his daughter was capable of more than just unearthing scoops about his Bollywood clan.

Today, the business Czarina that she is, Ekta has a strong nose for spice and knows exactly what sells. Be it her stint with television where she changed the face of the small screen, made her millions, Ekta has also proved that a low-budget-high-on-content film can work wonders at the box-office. “LSD” and “Ragini MMS” are two such low budget films which have been commercially viable hits for her non-commercial film banner.

THE DIRTY PICTURE has already evoked enough curiosity coz of the story line which is allegedly inspired by South sex siren Silk Smitha. How much of Silk is there in this film, one can rest assured that it has the right dose to grab not just the eye-balls but tickle the funny bones of the front benchers.

One such exclusive sneak-peek on the film which is still a close guarded secret hit our hands. Since the storyline borders on the South film industry and the era when double-meaning dialogues were rampant, read on to slurp the flavour of the film.


Naseeruddin Shah’s wife, along with their 6 month old baby, visits the location where Vidya is shooting. Getting into a brief discussion, Vidya asks to hold the baby.

The baby’s hand goes on Vidya’s much evident bosom (through her low cut blouse) where she has a mole (kaala til). To this Vidya retorts, ‘Bilkul apne baap peh gaya hain’.

Quite shocked at the comment coming from the heroine of her husband’s film, the wife does manage to read between the lines on what Vidya is hinting at. She retorts, ‘Tumhare paas toh til hain, lekin woh mere dil main bethaa hain’.

Vidya gives a cynical almost sadistic smile, looks at Naseer’s wife and comments, ‘Woh toh tumhare dil mein bethtaa hoga, lekin mein toh uske til beh beththi hoon’

Impulsively without thinking twice, the wife retorts, ‘tumhe kaise pataa uske paas wahan til hain’.

Vidya doesn’t comment and roll her eyes with an impish glee of knowing where Naseeruddin has a ‘til’.

Knowing Ekta and her penchant for spice, gossip and controversy, one can wait and watch to see how this scene gets past the Censor’s eagle eyes when one can easily decipher what and where the ‘til’ is which is being spoken about in this scene.

Watch this space for more spicy unread gossip about Bollywood.