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SAB TV NEW SHOW – Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai

“Gaadi bula rahi hai” deals with the slice of life situations associated with rail travel. The main protagonists are the passengers of a certain S2 bogie. Mr Randhawa (Ranjit), his wife (Amita Nangia) and his grandchildren are travelling in the S2 bogie of Paschim express. Mr.Ghosh (Rakesh Bedi) along with his wife and his daughter Mishty (Charu Asopa) happens to share one berth of this coach S2 with Mr Randhawa.

The story deals with how people from varied cultures, walks of life come together for a short span during their rail journey and the series of hilarious situations occur when these people share a common space.  Mr. Ghosh’s daughter Mishty (Charu Asopa) wants to marry Abhishek (her love of 6 months) a non-Bengali against her father’s wishes. Mishty has plans to runaway during the night time as everybody sleeps. Another couple Sonu and Sweetie (Varun Badola & Shweta Kwatra) are always fighting with each other and as they enter S2 coach of this train, Mr Randhawa and Mr Ghosh with their wives help them see life through a different viewpoint.

Gaadi bula Rahi Hai is a sweet memory of all the train journeys that everyone has taken and brings a smile on the face every time the characters come to terms with the simple solutions to their troubles. The show is being produced by Rajesh Beri & directed by Kamal Monga


Cast: Ranjit, Rakesh Bedi, Varun Badola, Shweta Kwatra, Amita Nangia, Rakesh Bedi,Sheily Shukla,Charu Asopa,Mushtaq Khan,Rajesh Puri, Abhishek Duhan