Divyajyotee Sharma comes as a comical relief in ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain’ on Star Plus

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‘Rote rote hasna seeko…is the famous Big B number, but seems like the Television is following it as a mantra. Most of those serials which are flooded with emotional scenes and crying character, have understood the significance of including a comic character to maintain the balance. Understanding the same, ‘Ek Hazaaron mein meri behna hain’ on Star Plus has roped in Divyajyotee Sharma to play an important character of Jeevika and Maanvi’s (lead protagonists) Chachi. Well, this Chahci is very sweet,innocent, hyperactive, happy and lovable, and not the one who schemes and plots.


As the story of the serial goes, Jivika and Manavi are two orphans raised by their Biji (grandma), Chacha and Chachi.The role that Divyajyotee plays becomes a significant one in the storyline. This chachi is very talkative and keeps pampering her son Dabbu. Dabbu is a very simple and sweet, and our happy-go-lucky chachi is Crazy about constantly pampeing and feeding him.


“The character I play of Chachi to Jivika and Manavi is an out and out positive character. Chachi is I would say very innocent,doesn’t understand scheming and plotting and not street-smart, but loves all her family members,” says Divyajyotee.

Our chachi is very Hyper in her reactions and comes out as a comical relief. she always does stupid things and gets into awkward situation.


Well, we would love to see more of this loud and funny chachi, that serves as a real change from the villainous chachis all around, onscreen.