Today, Bollywood superstar, Kareena Kapoor came face to face with her brand new wax figure at Madame Tussauds Blackpool to mark the launch of the attraction’s all new Bollywood exhibition, which will be at Madame Tussauds until January 2012.

Kareena, star of over 40 films, whose last three films feature in the top five Bollywood box office blockbusters of all time,  is an icon in the world of Bollywood and over 1,000 fans came to meet her at the launch in Blackpool today. Fans travelled from across the globe just to get a glimpse of her this morning, showing the loyalty  of the global megastar’s fans.

On seeing her wax figure for the first time Kareena said: “It is an honour and a privilege for me to have my own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Blackpool and even more so to launch a global Bollywood exhibition. This is a moment of pride for Indian cinema.

“The figure looks incredible and is so life like, I had to do a double take when I saw myself – they have really done a superb job at capturing my essence.”

A special Bollywood room has been created within Madame Tussauds Blackpool just for this special exhibition, which will be at the attraction until January, before moving to Bangkok. Other Bollywood figures on show include: Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Amitabh Bachchan and an all NEW figure of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Said a fan on meeting Kareena ““She is absolutely beautiful, she looks just like she does on film. Plus her figure is amazing – so glamorous just like the real Kareena. The whole Bollywood experience is magical and a real must see for all, whether they are Bollywood fans or not!”

Kareena’s figure, which took four months to create at a cost of £150,000, will take pride of place at the new Blackpool attraction alongside other figures from the world of TV, music and sport. The attraction is the first Madame Tussauds in the UK outside of London and features highly interactive sets and experiences, where visitors can literally step into their TV and join the likes of Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga and Gok Wan.

Second Poster of Balaji’s The Dirty Picture unveiled

Leaving little to the imagination, an evolved Vidya Balan paints ‘The Dirty Picture’ red with her killer pout, deep cleavage and bold stance.


Paying tribute to the controversial sex figure , The Dirty Picture directed by Milan Luthria archives the journey of the erstwhile sensation, Silk Smitha, played by Vidya Balan- her rise to stardom and her subsequent fall –


Also starring Nasseruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi and Tusshar Kapoor ,Balaji’s Dirty Picture  comes to a theatre near you December 2nd 2011.

Shakti Kapoor’s son gets a launch pad.

Siddhanth Kapoor is the new kapoor on the block!

The son of actor Shakti kapoor, siddhanth plays a ‘sharp shooter’ in Sanjay Gupta’s forthcoming ‘shootout at wadala’.

Siddhanth’s debut role is a role with a lot of attitude. He plays a wicked character, a guy who cracks crazy funny jokes! Sources say the audience will see glimpses of his dad in his role .

Sanjay Gupta says ” According to me, he has a very good individual and independent identity of his own and so he deserves to be on the big screen. Plus he is a very talented and a good-looking boy.”

Mahakshay Trains the Producer of Tukkaa Fitt

Producing film has some painful experiences and Producer Premal Goragandhi definitely vows by it.  AAP Entertainment Ltd.’s next attraction ‘Tukkaa Fitt’ which is being Produced by Premal Goragandhi is being a nightmare for him although not for the Professional reasons but for the personal reasons.


Premal Goragandhi is an avid foodie and has a taste for the delicacies. Ask him of any new food joint or a new dish added to city restaurants and Premal Goragandhi does have it on the tip of his tongue. As a result, no guesses, Premal put on some weight. Although, as the popular tune says ‘Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai’ lead actor of Tukkaa FittMahakshay Chakraborty stepped in to ensure his friend and Producer goes on a strict Exercise regime. Such is the persuasion of Mahakshay that he ensures Premal accompanies him not only to the gym but also to the Martial Arts he is training for.


Confirming the news Premal Goragandhi said, “Yes. It is true Mahakshay is behind making me super fit. Mahakshay and I are good friends even before we started Tukkaa Fitt. I am a foodie and love to try new dishes and can’t stop craving for food. Mai Jeene ke liye nahi khata, Mai Khane ke liye jeeta hoo! But when Mahakshay met me he said dude you got to loose weight and you are coming with me to the gym daily. Bas aur kya! My life’s changed.Mahakshay has given me dietary instructions in addition to my exercise regime so now apart from exercising daily I have to keep tab on my diet as well and I am following it rigorously too. Band Baj Gayi hai yar! 


Indeed we say Lots of pain with Weight Gain!!!

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar get back with Desi Boyz

Making his big Bollywood directorial debut Rohit Dhawan ,son of acclaimed director David Dhawan brings back the hit comic jodi of Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham after 7 long years in Eros International’s Desi Boyz.
The two actors go back a long way after their partnership in Garam Masala –that went on to become the biggest Blockbuster of 2005.
Rohit Dhawan promises to bring the house down with the coming of age comedy that traces the lives of two young lads who refuse to grow up.

Talking about reuniting the Garam Masala duo says Rohit, “Akshay was on board from day one, when I was still developing the story idea. A two-hero movie is never easy to write and it took me almost two years to put this project together. Once I felt I had justified the presence of both the protagonists, I took the script to John who’s been like a buddy since I worked as an assistant director on dad’s film, Hook Ya Crook (2010). He was convinced immediately. “


Terming Desi Boyz as a “Dramedy” the film starring Akshay Kumar,John Abraham,Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh breaks the norms of Bollywood comedies and contains no slapstick or over the top comedy
“Both Akshay and John are extremely disciplined and professional. They were always on time and focused through the day, a dream team for any first-time director,“ says Rohit talking about his first experience working with the two stars..

Singer Mika takes to acting now.

Mika is at it again, seems like Mika loves to surprise his fans all the time. Now, Mika is not only doing a promotional song for the film “Loot” but is also making his acting debut in Bollywood with this film directed by Rajnish Thakur. Loot is a comedy starring Govinda and Suniel Shetty.

Mika is super exited about the cameo in the film. He said that “I never thought that I would act because I have always been a singer and was happy doing the videos for my songs. However, I guess, it’s very rightly said that ‘Once a performer always a performer’ and I think there is no end to it. After we have achieved one goal we want to achieve more in life. Now, I want to act more in films.”

When asked about the song, Mika said “I have penned the song keeping the latest trend in mind. We have spoken about everyone right from a Politician to a Bollywood celebrity in this song. However, I am sure that after listening to the song none of the politicos or the people mentioned in the song will be offended by the song.”

Even we agree ‘Once a performer, always a performer’ and there is no end to it. Can’t wait to see the “Actor Mika” now.

Imtiaz Ali brings Kashmiri wedding rituals onscreen with Rockstar!

Director Imtiaz Ali has gone to great lengths to make sure everything shown in Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision and Eros International’s Rockstar is as authentic as possible..and buzz is that for the first time ever onscreen a Kashmiri Pandit wedding will be shown, with all its rituals and traditions!


During the recce, Imtiaz had asked the line producer to make him meet a Kashmiri Pandit family in order to maintain authenticity. His house was located in a small hindu settlement in Srinagar and the team went all the way to his house, sat for 3 hours with his wife over tea to understand all the nitty gritties of kashmiri weddings. Great care was taken to make sure everything that would appear on screen was completely accurate and as real as possible!


They then walked to the very popular Kheer Bhawani temple, met the priest and watched his own daughter’s wedding video to have a visual understanding of the rituals. The designers Manish Malhotra and Akki Narula roamed around the streets for hours to get the traditional attire perfect to the T.


Right from the way food is served in the tram (copper plates) to the traditional Dejhor which is Kashmiri jewellery worn in the ears (symbol of a married woman) along with the shaneel fyran (velvet dress/outfit), the intricate henna pattern and the tarang (cap) the girl wears during the wedding rituals, etc, were painstakingly researched for the shoot.


In fact, during the shoot, the locals who were part of the scene were given full freedom to inform Imtiaz if something was going wrong and wasn’t part of the tradition!

Divyajyotee Sharma comes as a comical relief in ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain’ on Star Plus

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‘Rote rote hasna seeko…is the famous Big B number, but seems like the Television is following it as a mantra. Most of those serials which are flooded with emotional scenes and crying character, have understood the significance of including a comic character to maintain the balance. Understanding the same, ‘Ek Hazaaron mein meri behna hain’ on Star Plus has roped in Divyajyotee Sharma to play an important character of Jeevika and Maanvi’s (lead protagonists) Chachi. Well, this Chahci is very sweet,innocent, hyperactive, happy and lovable, and not the one who schemes and plots.


As the story of the serial goes, Jivika and Manavi are two orphans raised by their Biji (grandma), Chacha and Chachi.The role that Divyajyotee plays becomes a significant one in the storyline. This chachi is very talkative and keeps pampering her son Dabbu. Dabbu is a very simple and sweet, and our happy-go-lucky chachi is Crazy about constantly pampeing and feeding him.


“The character I play of Chachi to Jivika and Manavi is an out and out positive character. Chachi is I would say very innocent,doesn’t understand scheming and plotting and not street-smart, but loves all her family members,” says Divyajyotee.

Our chachi is very Hyper in her reactions and comes out as a comical relief. she always does stupid things and gets into awkward situation.


Well, we would love to see more of this loud and funny chachi, that serves as a real change from the villainous chachis all around, onscreen.


It requires great guts to come out in the open and expose the notorious traits of established Bollywood people who treat the fairer sex with utter disgrace. Sayali has blown the whistle on biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Sajid Khan and the infamous Shiney Ahuja of sexually harassing her. Kudos to Sayali who has chosen to discontinue with her Bollywood career and move on the brighter zones.
The 27 year old actress does not want anything to do with Bollywood after suffering 7 years of sexual harassment from seniors, veterans, colleagues in the industry. 

Sayali Bhagat’s Official Press Statement: 

As I gear up to lodge a police complaint against Shiney (Ahuja) and his wife Anupam, I have another big announcement to make. I am quitting films for good, and shall be moving to Milan to pursue a full time career in modeling. Before I leave the industry for good, I would like to make a few things clear. Shiney is not the only one who has made passes at me or sexually harassed me in the film industry. It is an industry filled with lechers who treat women like me like a piece of meat. Everyone wants a piece of you. I would like to bring to the media’s notice some first hand experiences.

Sexual Harassment from Amitabh Bachchan: Recently, at the launch of the first look of Tinu Verma’s film This Weekend, Mr Amitabh Bachchan was the chief guest. Like everybody else, even I bent down to touch his feet to seek his blessings. Amitabh placed his hand on my butt and felt it up. I was too stunned to say anything to anyone. He should show some respect. After all, he is a 70 year old man, my grandfather’s age. I felt like slapping him the moment he placed his hand on my butt.

Sexual Harassment from Fimmaker Sajid Khan: “I remember the time when Sajid Khan was casting for Housefull, he had called me to his office for a meeting. I understand that the casting couch is a prevalent reality in the film industry but I never expected Sajid to strip naked in front of me asking me to have sex with him in his office right there and then. I screamed and left his building. Obviously, I never worked with him 

Sexual Harassment from costar Aarya Babbar: Aarya and I started out as very good friends when we starting shooting for our film Choron Ki Baraat, till he got really aggressive about us becoming “friends with benefits”. Till date, he has sent me countless lewd messages, and graphic MMS’s of his private parts to lure me into bed. I had chosen to keep quiet and ignore. But not anymore. 

There are so many of us who are silently suffering this kind of harassment for so many years. But I can’t take it anymore. I am fed up of being treated like an available piece of meat and the only reason I am sharing all this with my media friends, is because I don’t believe in taking harassment lying down. It is high time the truth came out. I will be filing police complaints against Shiney, Sajid, Aarya and Mr Bachchan and take them all to court if need be. I hope my efforts will not go in vain and I look forward to having the media’s support.

Party pics of Designer Amy Billimoria’s Pre Diwali terrace party

Amy Billimoria’s had a crackling pre Diwali celeb party with her closest friends at the terraces, the under stars party was a crackling affair with fire crackers bursting in air and the view was spectacular.


Amy Billimoria looked like an angel in an outfit self-designed ,she was ecstatic about her birthday ,she celebrated the party with her really close friends Aryan Vaid walked in first with Ravi Behl , Madhusudan and Viren Shah apparently walked in together and shared the evening together. Dilshad Patel danced to the core along with Carlyta Mohini who sang and danced to the evening and livened up the evening along with Imam Siddique, Carlyta indeed lifted up spirits of the party 


Amy Billimoria danced to the core. Anjali Pandey and Madhuri Pandey both the sisters looked pretty together and came to wish Amy Billimoria. There was firework and crackers and dance on this pre Diwali bash, it was a perfect celebration time, and Amy seemed extremely happy her outfit looked as gorgeous as her, the birthday cake was a designer one too…the whole party atmosphere was as rocking as the diwali celebration. In attendance were Aaliya khan and Riddhi who looked traditional as Diwali celebration was on.

Others in attendance were Bob Brhambhatt, Alex, Rakesh Paul. 

Ranbir Kapoor and Team Rockstar makes NMIMS students go berserk!

India’s heartthrob and Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor recently made the MBA students of NMIMS, Mumbai go crazy with an exciting interaction held at the college! Organized by NDTV, host Vikram Thapa led a friendly discussion with a huge live audience of college students and Team Rockstar: Ranbir Kapoor, Dir Imtiaz Ali, Nargis Fakhri and voice of Rockstar: singer Mohit Chauhan in the magnificent campus auditorium.


What they didn’t anticipate was the frenzy they generated! Upon hearing that the stars have arrived at NMIMS, the news spread like wildfire and the students from neighboring colleges such as UPG, Mithibai, etc also gathered on the roads to catch a glimpse, creating lots of chaos and traffic!


Once inside NMIMS, the stars found the auditorium was fully packed, with students even sitting on the floor and thousands had thronged the hall to catch a glimpse of Team Rockstar!  The students asked many interesting questions on the film and in general, and most could not resist from going up to the stage to get a hug from Ranbir! The rockstar then took a guitar in his hands and led the way for a great fun filled jamming session with Mohit Chauhan and the students. The entire crowd mobbed the team all the way to their cars, beseeching the team for autographs and photos!


Well, looks it was definitely one amazing interaction never to be forgotten by the students!

Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd and Eros International’s Rockstar releases 11.11.11



Esha Deol’s wedding plans.

Esha Deol’s comeback vehicle Tell Me O Khuda is up for release next week and it seems that the actress has one more reason to celebrate. Bollywood is buzzing with rumours of Esha’s engagement to Bandra businessman Bharat Takhtani.

A mutual friend of Bharat and Esha revealed, “Esha and Bharat are engaged. They have been in a serious relationship for a very long time. They will talk about it only after Esha’s film Tell Me O Khuda releases.”

“They are very much in love. They were seen painting the town red. They looked cozy and very comfortable in each other’s company,” added the mutual friend.

Earlier, Esha was reportedly seen having a good time with Bharat and a bunch of friends at a suburban nightclub. However, at that time, Esha had denied knowing Bharat.

Interestingly, during an interview with Mumbai Mirror, not so long back, when Esha was asked about a special someone in her life, she quipped, “I have to be diplomatic and use the perfect statement that all actresses use – No Comment!”

Things seem to have changed since then. When asked about Bharat, this time around, Esha used the much abused Bollywood answer – ‘We are just good friends’. “Bharat and I have known each other since forever. He is also friends with Ahana. We hang out every other day,” added the actress.

Esha, however, denied any engagement rumours. “My engagement would be a grand affair. Why would I want to hide it from the world? It will be a proud moment for me. There is no ring on my finger,” she said.

Esha has always maintained that she wouldn’t go for an arranged marriage but fall in love instead. She has also said that her parents’ approval is of utmost importance to her. It may be recalled that her mother Hema Malini was not really happy about her relationship with actor Aftab Shivdasani, which didn’t last too long.

Looks like Esha has found the love of her life, finally. Congratulations are in order for the new couple in town.

(As reported in Mumbai Mirror)


Yash Raj in Income tax tangle?

The Bombay High Court (HC) recently dismissed two petitions filed by film production firm Yash Raj Films (YRF) Pvt Ltd. The firm had filed the petitions against the Income Tax (IT) department, seeking to stall reassessment of returns filed for 2004-05 and 2005-06 (assessment years 2005-06 and 2006-07 respectively).

The IT department had conducted a survey on YRF’s premises in 2009, during which certain documents were taken away and copies of certain computerised books of account made. When impounded material was compared with figures in returns filed by YRF, a discrepancy in taxable income close to Rs 3 crore was found. The IT dept contended that YRF had tried to save on tax payable by showing excess expenditure and less income.

In 2010, the officer issued a notice to YRF, proposing to reopen assessment for the two years.

YRF requested the IT dept for reasons to reopen the assessment; the same were provided.

The assessment officer directed YRF to furnish documents/ details to complete the reassessment. In July 2010, YRF wrote to the IT, attempting to provide a reconciliation (explanation) of impounded books of account and figures in the IT return.

By an order of October 25, 2010, the assessing officer rejected YRF’s objections against reopening of the assessment. The production firm then filed the petition.

In court, YRF contended there was no need for reassessment after providing a reconciliation. They argued that the impounded documents pertained only to their Production Division, while they had two others sections – Home & Entertainment and Distribution. YRF’s advocates argued that there was no escapement of income, as alleged.

However, the court accepted the submissions made by the IT department’s advocate that what needs to be proved before court is that the assessing officer had “tangible material” before him on the basis of which he had reason to believe that income has escaped assessment. Also, the assessment was being reopened within four years, as is allowed.

The court rejected YRF’s petitions.

(As reported in Mumbai Mirror)


Chitrangda has everyone impressed on the sets of Desi Boyz

The talented Chitranada Singh has wowed quite a few while shooting for her forthcoming film Eros International’s Desi Boyz –

While the actress got along with producer Krishika Lulla fabulously with regular lunches and trips to Harrod and Selfridges –Veteran actor Anupam Kher can’t stop singing praises of her acting prowess.

Says producer Krishika Lulla “Chiterangda’s a lovely girl and a fabulous actress…We got along like a house on fire on the sets of Desi Boyz …Audiences are going to love her in the film…its something she’s never done before”

Chitrangda also spent a great deal of time discussing the nuances of acting with Anupam Kher while filming the climax of the movie.Impressed by the actress, the veteran actor promptly invited her to visit his acting school and conduct some workshops.

Said a flattered Chitrangda  “I’m very honoured and touched by Anupam Kher’s invitation to teach at his acting school especially since it comes from a veteran actor who could surely teach me a thing or two. It has been an enriching experience working with him in Desi Boyz and I look forward to visiting his school soon.

“Sundown Tomatia Goa 2011′ festival spearheaded by actor Rahul Raj Singh

Actor Rahul Raj Singh’s recreation of the tomato festival of Spain in India has created history and made us have an opportunity to deal with tomatoes in a party way too.

Rahul had shot an interesting film with the farmers who shared there opinion that they would bring a wave of tomatoes sale too

Rahul had been at the festival preparation and he did party hard as he deserved kudos for bringing in such a wonderful event together

The festival is ably supported by Sheetal Malviya, Ruttika Singh and Saloni Sharma; the three lovely ladies were with their friend Rahul raj Singh they were in black and complimented black and white combination.

Daboo Malik was seen after a long time and looked fresher Kavita Seth too made an appearance and Aman Nagpal did try some music at the console

Nikkesha Rangwala looked gorgeous; Ramji Gulati looked cool and handsome in a Ganesha T shirt which promoted the festive support

Designer duo Aaliya khan and Riddhi Tolia, Actor Angad Hasija was there with dear friend Rahul throughout

Sudesh berry walked straight from the dentist he just had a tooth extraction.

The party went in for a long time. Rahul raj Singh, Ruttika Singh, Saloni Sharma and Sheetal Malviya were on the dance floor post party



Designers Aliya Khan and Riddhi Tolia showcase their new collection “BAHA”

Young Designers Aliya Khan and Riddhi Tolia, have to come together and are expressing their Creativity through their new collection “BAHA”.which will be showcased at Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week(PIFW) and well as Blenders Pride Hyderabad International Fashion Week(HIFW).
The   Model being Arshina Trivedi(winner of Gladrags 2010-2011) wore
300 kalli anarkali in a bright yellow colour 


Yash Raj Films’ romantic thriller, Ek tha Tiger, which was scheduled for a 1st June release will now release in theatres worldwide on EID 2012.


Since Aamir Khan wanted to release his next film, directed by Reema Kagti, on 1st June, he requested Salman Khan & Aditya Chopra to shift Ek tha Tiger to accommodate this release. Given the close relationship and mutual respect they share for one another, both Adi and Salman were happy to oblige and shift the release to Eid.


Directed by Kabir Khan and Produced by Aditya Chopra, the film stars Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.


The film is based on a story by Aditya Chopra and the Screenplay & Dialogues have been written by Kabir Khan and Neelesh Misra. Aseem Mishra, who has worked with Kabir on New York, is the DOP. The music will be scored by Suhail Sen.


The film is currently shooting in Dublin from where it moves on to Turkey for its next schedule.



Kareena Kapoor’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds to be unveiled on the 27th October,2011

Bollywood’s Numero Uno actress Kareena Kapoor is soon to be immortalized in wax at the prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – The star’s wax statue will be confirmedly unveiled on October 27 in Blackpool, UK.

Beating the likes of her contemporaries, the latest MadameTussuads attraction will exclusively be launching a brand new exhibition of Bollywood superstars in October 2011. The new exhibition will then tour other Madame Tussauds Musuems in 6 different cities around the world.

Confirms an excited Kareena Kapoor “The statue is ready and they have, in fact, mailed pictures of it to me. The unveiling comes around RA.One’s release, and I will be in London for its premiere (on October 25)”

Adds Sarah Lundy, Marketing Manager at Madame Tussauds Blackpool, “We are very excited to have Kareena in Blackpool to launch our amazing Bollywood figures. It is a real honor to have her here and we know that the UK will be very excited to see her and her new wax figure”

Interestingly Kareena’s mother will be accompanying her to Blackpool –Says Kareena  “My mother (Babita) and a close friend will be present.My mother has always encouraged me to take on different things. So, this one is for her,“

‘ROCKSTAR’ will ROCK Ranbir Kapoor’s career

After the massive success of ‘Jab We Met’ & ‘Love Aaj Kal’, Director Imtiaz Ali is back with ‘ROCKSTAR’ produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision & Eros International.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor and newbie Nargis Fakhri, the film revolves around a Delhi boy (Ranbir) who resents the fact that he has no pain in his life. He has realized that all great Musicians have had a painful life. In order to get his heart broken, he proposes to the most sought-after girl in Delhi University.

The story of ‘Rockstar’ is the seven years of the boy’s life and relationship with the girl at the end of which he does become a huge musical star, but his heart also gets broken…

The soundtrack of the film has been composed by musical genius AR Rahman. The song ‘Saadda Haq’ has already become a nationwide rage; some even calling it the ‘anthem of the youth’. Rahman roped in Orianthi Panagris, an internationally acclaimed guitarist who has worked with Michael Jackson for the song. Other songs like ‘Kathiya Karoon’, ‘Kun Faaya Kun’ & ‘Jo Bhi Main’ are also highly popular with listeners. Singer Mohit Chauhan has lent his voice to Ranbir’s character ‘Jordan’ in the film.

The film has been majorly shot in Delhi, Kashmir & Prague. Ranbir’s grungy look, styled by celebrity stylist Aalim and unique costumes designed by Aki Narula have created a huge hype among his fans. Imtiaz Ali and Aki Narula handpicked several clothes from the local shops in Delhi to create an authentic look for Ranbir’s character in the film.  Ranbir Kapoor, who plays the youngest son of a traditional Jatt family, actually lived with a Jatt family to experience their lifestyle as part of his character study.

Rockstar, for its exceptional story and chart topping music is one of the most awaited films. Another reason why the film is a must watch is because the late legendary actor Shammi Kapoor has made his last appearance on the big screen.

Rockstar releases in theatres on 11.11.11 – a date that appears in the calendar once in every thousand years!


A Delhi boy resents the fact that he has no pain in his life. He has realized that all great Musicians have had a painful life. In order to get his heart broken, he proposes to the most sought-after girl in Delhi University.

The story of ‘Rockstar’ is the seven years of the boy’s life and relationship with the girl at the end of which he does become a huge musical star, but his heart also gets broken…



Rockstar’ Details


Banner: Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd & EROS International

Producer: Dhilin Mehta

Directed By: Imtiaz Ali

Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri

Music: A.R.Rahman

Release Date: 11th November, 2011




Mumbai welcomes ICE QUBE: it’s first authentic Ice Bar and Lounge in Mumbai! Set in minus 6 degrees temperature, this bar is truly a marvel, where the walls, tables, chairs, curtains, even the glasses used to serve your drinks, are all made of ICE!


Ice Qube has its contemporaries across the globe, but Mumbai is perhaps where it’s most needed! Contrast to the soaring temperatures and high humidity in Mumbai throughout the year, an Ice Bar is a must see venue. It is here where one can enjoy the chilling experience of wining and dining, surrounded by beautiful temperature controlled ice!



The chilling combination of intelligent lights and a live DJ performing inside the ice bar provides the edge to this thematic venue. Dancing to the tunes with drinks in ice glasses is not an unheard of dream anymore we have made it a reality!


Says Altaf Khan, Director. The hidden gem is the Qube Lounge on the upper level of the venue. An urbane chic lounge complimented with world class music and mood lighting set admits minimalist interiors. The menu not only suits the international palette but also the pocket. The reasonably priced delicacies range from Continental, Indian, Popular bar food, to the Oriental regions of the globe making the place suitable for all tastes.


” We want you to discover that Ice Qube is just not about the Ice bar but a place where you can come, chill with friends over a couple of drinks, snacks or a proper meal,” adds Ajay Shah, Director.


He proudly adds “It is a very sleek and buzzing bar with a hugely international flavor. Bar tenders are internationally trained and enviably adept at preparing some of the most delicious and creative cocktails you’ll ever taste!”


“We have an exciting product, competitive price, excellent place and clever promotion strategy to ensure Ice Qube caters to the ever increasing demand for quality venues,” says Aalok Purohit, Director. He adds, “In my opinion this place is going to cater to a very wide spectrum of the Mumbai demographic and people will find their own reasons to come here, and keep repeating their experience too!”


Ice Qube is set to take Mumbai by storm, by offering a niche experience at an unheard of value! For an experience to tantalize all your senses, come visit the hottest place to truly chill.




  • Dolly Bindra was the first one to arrive and was seen welcoming all her other friends from the industry.
  • Siddharth Kannan who came along with Shibani Kashyap was overheard telling Dolly that she’s the only one who’s sorely being missed on ‘Big Boss’ this season to compete with Shakti Kapoor.
  • Sajid of Sajid-Wajid fame was thrilled to be present at this do as he found the entire concept very international.
  • Mukesh Rishi was seen chilling with his friends and shared that Mumbai is perhaps where ice lounges are most needed. Salman’s bodyguard Shera was planning to bring Sallu down to enjoy this place some day.
  • The lovely couple Krishna & Kashmera Shah totally had a blast.
  • Deepshikha too made an entry with her film hero-cum-beau. She looked truly vibrant and positive.





It’s always a treat to be part of Amitabh Bachchan’s events. Not only is he a thorough punctually professional but his prolific, witty humour enthrals everyone. With Sony TV and the KBC team gracing and hosting the occasion to celebrate his 69th birthday, Amitabh was all charged up about the ratings for his KBC show. He admired the fact that the focus had shifted to the common man and elucidated that ‘no one is small in life, knowledge is supreme’.

Some quotes from Mr. Bachchan

“Abhishek did make time off from his Jaipur shoot to spend some hours with me on my birthday. His flight should have landed while I am here celebrating my birthday”.

“It is unfair for me to be wanting to relive the lives of any of the KBC contestants. In fact, it is endearing that they have lived their lives with so much struggle and are still smiling. It was an honour for us to get them in the hot seat”.

“Who am I to comment on which of the Bollywood actors who have sat on the hot seat are more intelligent from the others? All of them had their charms and IQ levels. Of course there have been moments when even I am not aware of the answers to the questions I ask on the show”.

“Shahrukh did apologize to me for being a host on the earlier KBC seasons. But it was all in good humour. There are various shades to the episode with him which hits the channel on 20th October”.

“Jaya did give me the best birthday gift of life and that was beautiful kids like Shweta and Abhishek. As for Aishwariya and Abhishek’s to-be child, let’s talk about this when the stork delivers”.

“My dad has given me some immense gifts and memories for sure……..but main aapko kyon bataon”.

Wishing the Superstar good health, peace and prosperity.


Pooja Misrra under heavy attack in Bigg Boss!


Shakti Kapoor might be a villain in movies, but what the Bigg Boss Housemates are doing with Pooja Misrra, is making her seem ‘the villain of the House of Scandal’.


PM, as Pooja is often referred to, is under tremendous pressure as Bigg Boss hasn’t delivered one of her two bags containing her daily essentials, including most of her clothes, pictures of her deity, medicines and beauty utilities. Moreover, her leg has been injured since she entered the House.


Above all, she has been facing regular onslaughts from most of the contestants, especially Pooja Bedi, who has been repeatedly branding her “uncooperative” and “arrogant”. Bedi feels PM does a lot of “naatak” (drama), has “nakhre” (attitude) and a “mental problem”. According to her, Misrra “lacks positive attitude” and has “some imbalance” in her head.


So much has Bedi crusaded against PM by now, that even other contestants including Shakti Kapoor, Shonali Nagrani, Vida Samadzai, Mahek Chahal, Sonika Kaliraman Malik, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (though the last two have made a turnaround off late) and others have become prejudiced, while Misrra finds herself alienated and cornered.


“It is natural for Pooja Misrra to throw a fit and get upset in such circumstances,” analyses celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who is a specialist with Bigg Boss and its ways, having handled the publicity for maximum reality show celebrities including Shilpa Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra and Ashmit Patel.


“The pressure of living under one roof with 14 almost unknown people, with uneasy circumstances, unregulated timings, tiresome tasks and deliberately created difficult conditions is tremendous. Even the sanest of persons can shake up in such claustrophobic settings. But then, whether we like it or not, that’s what goes into the making of voyeuristic entertainment and higher TRPs and its what this reality show is all about” he adds.



Remix’s are back with a bang. Liza Malik’s glamorous avtar in her music video will definitely rekindle and bring back the era of remixes. With Venus Music supporting this venture, one expects the album to do good business. The songs chosen are brilliant and Liza has done a fantastic job.

Liza Malik, the glamorous singer – dancer set the stage on fire with the launch of her new album – ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani – Remix’. The music album is recorded by the leading music company Venus. Liza who is an animal lover is also the brand ambassador of PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) launched her music album which is pictured on the famous Bollywood
actress Raveena Tandon from the film ‘Mohra’.

Not very old in the industry, Liza was in Nineth grade when she won the 1st prize in Boogie Woogie and
was crowned Miss Delhi in 2002. She recently launched a music album titled ‘Simply Liza’ with Mika.
Talking about the launch Liza says, “I am thoroughly excited for my music launch. I am grateful to Venus
for giving me a grand platform to record my album. Also the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ is one of my
favorite songs and is picturised on the very talented Raveena Tandon. I ought to entertain the masses
with my new album and contribute to the music industry.”

Venus is known for the great music they have recorded for many famous Bollywood films. Champak
Jaain, Managing Director, Venus says, “ Liza is very talented – ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ is Liza’s favorite song.
Like the numerous hit songs we have given to the industry, we hope this album too receives a great

‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani – Remix’ video has been directed by Colossus. “It was great working with Liza. She
is extremely talented and a thorough professional. Liza has sung the song really well and the video is
looking great. We are sure this album will Rock!”, says Colossus. Dancers Harish and Pratap of the Nach
Baliye and Dancing Queen fame have been a part of this track.

In spite of a hectic day, many prominent faces from bollywood and entertainment industry Javed
Jaffrey, Dalip Tahil, Bappi Lahiri, Anu Malik, Longines Fernandes, Sarah Khan, Pratyusha Banerjee and
MLA Babloo made their presence felt not just to wish Liza success for the album, but also to greet her
on her birthday which was celebrated with a cake cutting at the strike of 12.

Gul Panag Learns Unique & Interesting Fitness Tips From World Champion MARIUS DOHNE


When a legendary champ meets a charming and one of the beautiful woman of the universe, it indeed becomes the talk of the town. The scenario was vindicated when the South African hulk Marius Dohne (2011 IFBB Tampa Pro winner and 2011 IFBB Mr.Olympia) stepped on the city of dreams and met the former Miss Universe Gul Panag for an exclusive fitness training session in True Fitness, Andheri today.

Gul Panag a fitness freak hailing from Chandigarh who in order to stay in shape and healthy enjoys adventure and endurance sports had the opportunity to train with Marius Dohne. This interactive session not only let her showcase her fitness aptitude but also she was exposed to some international fitness techniques by the giant placid himself. Marius Dohne with a colossal figure shared some of the impressive and unique techniques with Gul.

To sum it up, both the fitness champion and the Bollywood beauty had an extremely informative and interesting time together, which saw Marius’ love for Hindi movies and movie stars only grow stronger.  


Dolly Bindra’s Thanks giving party

There’s No Better Reason other Than It’s Party Time !

If its Dolly Bindra, the party has to be rocking. The party was thronged by her well-wishers and friends who rejoiced with her. Ali Reza ensured all have a good time and time to remember at Sheesha sky lounge.


Ali Reza and Dolly Bindra both the hosts were in a shade of white.



Arfeen and sara khan were the first to walk in and looked great together

Manish shah and Anil Mishra were present too.

Asif Bhamla and Baba Siddiqui  were there too



Dolly climbed the platform and opened the bottle of champagne in style and the sight was interesting


Star Numero expert Bhavikk Sangghvi Rocking Revelations…


Dear friend Bhavikk has been there done it all. His startling revelations have also been accurate and he is adored by many celebs who vouch by his predictions. It was heart-warming to know that he has finally penned down his thoughts onto a book which he just launched.


“Numbers are an integral part of our lives and numerology helps guide us through this science of numbers,” said acclaimed actor Mithun Chakraborty as he launched astrologer Bhavikk Sangghvi’s book Numerology Rocks at the Crossword book store in Juhu, Mumbai.


Celebrities like Siddharth Kannan, Munisha Khatwani, Manasi Verma, Neeraj Soni, Dr Rinku Aher and Hema Sardesai were part of the launch event.


Mithun was all praise for the young gun astrologer and said he was impressed that Bhavikk had “managed to come up with a book on numerology at such a young age.”


Bhavikk revealed that he had once “messaged Mithunda and predicted something for him, which was so true that he promised to release my book the day I write one. I am thrilled and grateful that Mithunda has stayed true to his promise. It’s the mark of a thorough gentleman that he is.”


Bhavikk also revealed that Mithun himself is a big astrologer, something which the actor confirmed, pointing out that he applies astrology only for personal use.


Published by the Times Group Books of The Times of India Group, Numerology Rocks is expected to help new astrologers and common folk alike, who are keen to learn about their future with the simple help of numbers.

Stars galore at Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Mata Ki Chowki’



Several Bollywood celebs turned up at Sanjay & Manyata Dutt’s ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ held at their Bandra residence last evening.

While sisters Priya Dutt and Namrata Dutt were already there with their respective husbands Owen Rocncon and Kumar Gaurav, good friend and co-star of his upcoming film Rascals, Ajay Devgn was one of the first ones to arrive with wife Kajol.
Amitabh Bachchan walked in with wife Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, while Ranbir Kapoor arrived with mom Neetu Kapoor. Sunil Shetty attended with wife Manna.

Ashish Chowdhry, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani, Gulshan Grover, Bappi Lahiri & son Bappa Lahiri along with actresses Lisa Haydon, Amisha Patel, Sophie Chowdhary, Neha Oberoi Shah, Shraddha Kapoor were also present.

Raj Kundra arrived sans wife Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Chunky Pandey came with wife Bhavana.

Directors David Dhawan, Indra Kumar, Soham Shah, Karan Johar also attended the function. Producers Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Dharam Oberoi, Sanjay Walia, Vinay Chowksi, Kumar Mangat, Bunty Walia also attended the Mata Ki Chowki.

Producer Hiren Gandhi & Rupen Amlani of Shree Ashtavinayak were also present.