Bigg Boss ‘double Vaat’ thadkaa launch


At the launch of Bigg Boss yesterday at Mehboob Studio, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were in their true elements. Although Salman was extempore in hosting the event, one found Sanju baba lost at times with his lines. Both the stars surely knew how to pull Colors and Bigg Boss staff Ashwini’s leg on stage.

The event gave an insight into Bigg Boss’s new theme titled Double Vaat, primarily hinting at the 2 stars who will be hosting the show. Obviously the hidden agenda being that one expects more dhamaal this time to upsurge the TRPs from their earlier seasons. Sallu and Sanju did re-iterate that all the news about their so-called fight was media driven. They also poked fun at film director David Dhawan whom they would like to be in the Bigg Boss house in the last few weeks. Primarily coz they want him to lose some weight and the Bigg Boss contestant are low on their food allowance in the last stages of the show.

No info on the contestants was divulged but yes they did confess that there are bigger names involved this time. Salman will definitely rock the show since he is a true performer. However looking at Sanju’s poor performance, it is doubtful if he can garner more moolah with other shows after this.

Looking forward to the new season of Bigg Boss. Spice sells for sure and this show has made overnight stars of all the previous contestants in the earlier seasons.