Siddharth Kannan & Rashmi Virmani excel at CHIMERA FASHION SHOW.



You have seen one of them, you have seen them all. That’s the usual flavor of being part of an audience at a fashion show. Somehow the CHIMERA FASHION SHOW was an unusual experience. Kudos to Siddharth Kannan who brilliantly did an effective voice over for the show. His baritone voice has already enthralled zillions of listeners on this radio show, his current Chat show for a TV channel is being talked about also – Sid did add enrich the entire experience at this event.


A must mention about Rashmi Virmani who brilliantly choreographed the show blending it with innovative concepts and mind-boggling, foot-stomping music that went with the varied themes of the collections being showcased by students of the fashion college. Frankly, the show wouldn’t have been a big hit had it not been for these two creative wizards.