He has an exotic passion for cinema, his films have been trend-setters of sorts, he deviates from successful formula mantras and has been an achiever on his own steam. Like it or lump it, you cannot afford to ignore this Maverick. ANURAG KASHYAP hasn’t just been a whiz at his craft but a revolutionary of exorcising main-stream cinema with an international silky feel to his story-telling.

When quizzed about his constant entanglement with the spice element in all his films which grabs the audience’s eyeballs and much more, Anurag in his true inimitable style discloses that his recent film venture MICHAEL has a different kind of spice unlike his previous films, “the spice in this Naseeruddin Shah starrer is that he is playing a video pirate. The emotions are strong; the subject hasn’t been tackled earlier. As for raising the bar of cinema and making it more meaningful it has been a rigorous endeavour to show something different. While most people ask me why my films are more focused on main-stream subjects, I counter question them if they ask the same thing to people who make only commercial films.”

Nasser and Anurag have always shared a great bonding with each other and Anurag subtly affirms that, “Nasser has always supported me in my films when I didn’t have the budget and now too when I can pay him his price”. When an intelligent, creative team gangs up together one can expect a volcanic appeal to an entire film project. The first look of the promo of the film MICHAEL is compelling, hard-hitting and some intense acting from Naseeruddin Shah and Mahi Gill. Director Ribhu Das Gupta’s visualisation of capturing some grungy crowd scenes in Kolkatta will be definitely a treat to watch. Knowing Anurag’s talent for spotting talent and unmasking some harsh realities of life onto celluloid, MICHAEL is one film to watch out for as elaborated by Vikram Malhotra (C00 Viacom 18 Motion Pictures).