Gurnaam Singh, Dharmendra, Dinesh Maheshweary



One can’t help but talk about Garam Dharam’s charismatic appeal even today. Humility personified, Bollywood legend Dharamendra confessed that he has been whole-heartedly supported by the media in being the star that he is today. For someone who is known to be health conscious and an avid food lover, this Punjabi Jat was a treat at the launch of YUMMY CHEF the “heat and eat” gourmet line of Indian vegetarian products.

Dharam stressed the fact that he agreed to endorse this product only after he was convinced that the food which will be sold initially in the international market was a true treat for the health conscious client base. Although he categorically stated that, “I am relatively new to the endorsement bandwagon, I admit that the success of Yamla Pagla Deewana has opened up doors for me. What I liked about the food which I sampled was that the offerings are exotic unlike the competitors. I can vouch that whoever tries it will burp with happiness aur Dharam ko yaad rakenge.”

Surely will do remember Dharam like we have always appreciated his style of acting and choice of roles. He has been one actor who hasn’t fizzled out into oblivion and yet managed to comeback with a successful bang.