If Salman Khan is a rage today for his toned physique, yesteryear actor Dharamendra has always lent an iconic symbol to the macho man of Bollywood cinema. At the launch of the YUMMY CHEF THE “heat and eat” gourmet line of Indian vegetarian products, one got candid with Dharam’s passion for food.

Here are some quotes from his side:

“I have always eaten food that wouldn’t spoil my health. Yes, there was a time when I used to drink a lot, I would have eaten anything. I could have been sipping tharra and having macchii with it. But now I am quite health conscious and ensure of having the right food”.

“Every man in this world will vouch for the fact that maa ke haath ka khaana is always the tastiest. Every husband will always find faults with his wife’s cooking over his mother’s flavoured food”.

“The best food I have had in a Bollywood celebrity’s house is at Dilip Kumar’s house. I have eaten some mouth-watering biryanis cooked by Saira ji and Dilip saab who has to abstain from eating certain foods has cheated on his strict diet with me while Saira hasn’t been around”.

“When people ask me the secret of my glowing skin even at this age, I would attribute it to some of my personal traits about living life. My maxim is ‘love humanity, give love and get it back. It all reflects back on your face’. That’s one of the reasons I am still the same person despite my share of success all these years”.