Sunny and Bobby Deol have taken on their Dad Dharam’s legacy of being ardent fitness freaks. However when asked about their agenda for healthy living and eating, Dharam disclosed, “I cannot match my kids footsteps in their ideologies of fitness. Yes, they are more acute to healthy eating than me since they are more focussed on newer trends and fads. I remember catching Bobby cheekily throwing his glass of milk every morning out of the balcony as a kid. He abhorred milk and it was my neighbours who brought it to my notice that the building walls were milk stained and I realised who the culprit was.”


When quizzed about Dharam ji exercise regime, one is quite shocked that till date, he, “cycles 45 minutes in the morning, does half dips exercises and some routine ethnic vyaayam”. Kudos to a family who is geared for fitness.