Naseeruddin Shah in the film CHARGESHEET


Dev Anand’s style of acting has always been a constant barb for most Bollywood actors and stand-up comedians. Quite shocking it was when seasoned actor Naseeruddin Shah confessed at the promo launch of the film CHARGESHEET that he too used to mimic the veteran’s acting. Although he didn’t ridicule him in public event, he did sugar-coat his comment by reciting some intelligent dialogues from Dev saab’s film ‘Guide’. With due respect to Dev saab also, Naseer confessed that ‘it was just a phone call from Dev saab that he needed me to be part of this film, was enough for me to agree for the project’.

Quite commendable for Naseer to have said ‘yes’ knowing his strict stand for approving film scripts. Maybe it was Naseer’s way of paying back to Dev Anand who had given him a pivotal role in his film ‘Swami Dada’ at a time when Naseer wasn’t being accepted in commercial films. All said and done, one couldn’t help but notice the respect in Naseer’s eyes for Dev saab throughout the launch party.




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