ROCKSTAR Ranbir Kapoor’s dare-devilry act.


Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor had the fright of his life when he had to shoot a bike sequence with newbie Nargis Fakhri for Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision and Eros International’s ‘Rockstar’. He was expected to ride pillion with Nargis who had just learnt riding a bike barely half an hour ago.

Apparently, Director Imtiaz wanted to shoot a sequence involving Nargis riding a bike with Ranbir sitting behind. Since Nargis had never ridden one, Imtiaz asked his team to teach Nargis.

To everyone’s surprise, after just half an hour of practice, Nargis claimed that she could manage riding and was ready for the shot. Ranbir however, expressed his concern. Obviously he didn’t want to end up breaking his bones. But the crew members all backed Nargis and said that she had indeed picked up really fast and was ready to shoot. Ranbir had no option but to accept shooting for the film on the road and in high traffic. All this, not before he did his usual rounds of prayers to his God.

Everyone present couldn’t help but chuckle at Ranbir’s obvious reluctance. However, once the shoot commenced, Ranbir realized that Nargis was indeed a fast learner and was handling the bike quite comfortably. That’s when he relaxed and eventually enjoyed his short spin with Nargis.

Rockstar releases on November 11th.



Kirron Kher has always enthralled the audiences with the loveable charismatic smile in all the films she has worked with. Quite commendable for a film journalist to take on the baton of being a film director and taking the huge risk of casting Kirron in the lead role for a film.


Director Pammi Somal’s Mummy Punjabi is all set to hit the cinema screens on Aug 31. So Kirron Kher, the Punjabi funjabi mom caught up with Pammi for the screening of the film at Fun Republic. Pammiji and Mummyji had a whale of a time chatting with one another. “Mummy Punjabi is a character I identify with completely,” said Kirron Kher. “Both of us are warm and genuine people. The script was fantastic and I loved the film,”


Pammi Somal was also elated about the fact that Kirron Kher was happy and radiant as she watched the film. Observed an onlooker, “Looks like Mummyji and Pammiji are beginning to look more and more similar.” Since the film is set against a Punjabi family backdrop, one can expect loads of laughs blended with Kirron Khmer’s dazzling smiles. And coming from a journalist friend, we are sure Pammi knows what ticks not just the audiences but also the critics.

Abhay Deol’S ‘Intelligent Actor Tag’ makes him the Face of Indian Cinema at the Toronto (M! M! M!) Film Festival


Fresh off the success of his last release Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Abhay Deol was honoured this year as the featured celebrity at the Toronto (M! M! M!) Film Festival.

The unconventional Abhay Deol who rode into Bollywood as the dark house managed to win accolades for his brilliant performances and took the industry by storm. Apart from featuring as the “new face of Indian Cinema” on the covers of Time Out and Man’s World Abhay was felicitated at the prestigious film festival held at the Harbour Front Centre which celebrates South Asian Culture from the 19th-21st August 2011.

Jason Kennedy, Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism said on behalf of Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper “Many in Canada have appreciated Abhay’s films, particularly in the South Asian Diaspora, and we hope that his presence at the festival will continue to excite and entertain Canada and her diverse people”

The M!M! Movies held a discussion with the actor followed by the screening of his films –There was also a retrospective of his movies –Dev D, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Manorana Six Feet Under and Ek Challis Ki Last Local.

Great going for a Deol who is known for his talent rather than flexing his muscles.




We have all heard about dumb blond bombshells and definitely leading lady Preeti takes the cake for this title. Well, she did looking shimmering in her beautiful gown and silicon strappings, but the bechari behenji was definitely a dumb lass the moment she opened her mouth. She could blame it on nervousness since it was her first brush with the media but this gal is definitely dehaati when it comes to mouthing English. When I was bitching about her twang and squeaky voice, I could not help but notice music duo brothers Sanjeev – Darshan giving me naughty smiles. Kisine toh agree kiya. I just hope her voice is dubbed in the film. The lead hero Mikaal definitely looks like a true Adonis due to his firangi background. Wish he could come back for the film premiere (I heard he isn’t coming for it), just for my sake. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee!





Shit happens and how, especially at filmi duos. Pointed noted that leading actors should get prominence at film launch functions but producer-director Aron Govil totally ignored actor Rajesh Khera at the music launch party of his film U R MY JAAN. Well, if he blames it on a slip from his mind then he should be reprimanded for inviting every guest on stage including the music directors of the film.

Rajesh Khera plays a prominent role in the film and the least that could be taken care of was being invited on stage. Couldn’t but help notice the Khera boy in a secluded corner almost like a headless chicken. Poor thing, he wasn’t even offered anything forget being given any importance. Had it been an Aman Verma (who is also part of the film and stayed back from the event), he would have thrown a tantrum. Never mind Rajesh, blame it on the obnoxious red shoes you wore for the party, your twinkling smile and acting talent should shine once the film is released. And one piece of advice dearie, stay away from the premiere of the film.

Questions in my mind – CHARGESHEET

By Soneya Sehgal

Questions that cropped my mind during the press conference of CHARGESHEET were:

Why was Dev Anand’s son Suniel Anand who has handled the film’s production absconding from the event?Don’t tell that itne saalon ke baad bhi, he is still media shy and not regained his confidence.

Dev saab made a comment that, ‘even if 400 people see my film I am okay with it’. Kya statement hain yeh from a film director. It was worth watching Denzil’s (from Warner Bros) face. After all they are releasing the film on 30th Sept 2011.

Shame on the newcomers of CHARGESHEET


The newer lot of actors are utterly shameless. Imagine your first film break and there is a launch party and the 3 newcomers stomp in much after the CHARGESHEET function has started. Devshi Khanduri, Anish Vikramaditya and Chirag Patil ambled in at their own sweet time. No wonder the media didn’t give them any bhaav. Also cute little Devshi was so nervous that she could barely speak. I couldn’t but help notice Jackie Shroff eagerly eyeing Devshri’s legs in her short skirt while the press conference was on. Chirag Patel is a cutie and has the spark to move forward. Dekhen kismet kitna hain dum. Knowing Dev saab’s earlier discoveries, one hopes these ones also don’t fizzle out.


Divya’s Woman in Red act for Dev Anand.



Divya Dutta looked like a hot and toity chothi si Woman in Red in her red dress and outlandishly mismatched green shoes. Lagta hain, she thinks she would set trends of sorts. But all said and done, Divya baby is my favourite. She’s cute, bubbly and moreover a powerhouse of talent when it comes to acting. Sweet as saccharine that she is, she proclaimed she wore red that day coz that was the same color she wore when she first met Dev saab. Aree, unko thodi yaad hoga tune kya pehna tha. Choodho DD, you deserve a tight hug from me next we bump into each other.

When Dev Anand amused Jackie Shroff


The unveiling of the promo launch of Dev Anand’s film CHARGESHEET had some quite funny moments. While Jackie Shroff made a late entry claiming that he was busy shooting (kya ullu bana raha hain), Dev saab didn’t even recognise him. Moreover when the journo was raising the questions to Jaggu dada, Dev saab kept answering as if he was the ‘dada’. Lekin you know what I didn’t like the manner in which Jackie made faces at Dev saab for his ignorant approach. Kya Jaggu dada, respect your seniors especially those who gave you a break as Shakti Kapoor’s sidekick in Swami Dada. Agar yeh Dev Dada na hota toh tumhari ‘Hero’giri nahin rang laati.



He’s a visionary in the true sense of the word. Dev Anand has always made films ahead of the times, is undeterred when they fail to rake in the moolah at the box-office or garner critical acclaim. Bang on and all set to release his latest film CHARGESHEET on 30th Sept 2011, Dev saab was in his true elements at the party unveiling the promo of his film.

As usual, Dev Anand plays the protagonist role of an ex-high ranking Police Officer Gambhir Singh to investigate the high profile murder of Bollywood actress Minnie and shockingly discovers a web of sex, lies, and the infamous Bollywood-Underworld-Politician-Police nexus. A reflection of our present times, Chargesheet is a suspense drama also starring Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, Divya Dutta with Riya Sen in a guest appearance and Amar Singh in a special appearance.

Dev Anand in his usual imitable style held fort of the entire party proceedings and garnered all the mileage. Not perturbed by the taunts of his earlier films not doing well, it is highly commendable that someone like him continues making films which are scripted, produced and directed by his production house. The never-say-die spirit and constant quest to launch newcomers in his films without following industry norms is Dev saab’s faith in himself as a film-maker. Hats off to him and somehow one truly hopes he rekindles the magic of his earlier successful films.



Naseeruddin Shah in the film CHARGESHEET


Dev Anand’s style of acting has always been a constant barb for most Bollywood actors and stand-up comedians. Quite shocking it was when seasoned actor Naseeruddin Shah confessed at the promo launch of the film CHARGESHEET that he too used to mimic the veteran’s acting. Although he didn’t ridicule him in public event, he did sugar-coat his comment by reciting some intelligent dialogues from Dev saab’s film ‘Guide’. With due respect to Dev saab also, Naseer confessed that ‘it was just a phone call from Dev saab that he needed me to be part of this film, was enough for me to agree for the project’.

Quite commendable for Naseer to have said ‘yes’ knowing his strict stand for approving film scripts. Maybe it was Naseer’s way of paying back to Dev Anand who had given him a pivotal role in his film ‘Swami Dada’ at a time when Naseer wasn’t being accepted in commercial films. All said and done, one couldn’t help but notice the respect in Naseer’s eyes for Dev saab throughout the launch party.




U R MY JAAN re-instils melody and lyrics back to Bollywood Films.








Noted lyricist Sameer had created a legendary era of soulful music with his partnership with music directors Nadeem-Shravan. Looks like his heart-touching lyrics closely blended with some lilting music will create history again with music directors Sanjeev – Darshan. Confessed Sameer that, “Aron Govil has a clear cut mind-frame of what he is looking for not just in the lyrics but also for the film music of U R MY JAAN. It was a pleasure to work with him on this film and am sure the film music will be a resounding hit”.




U R my Jaan is a simple love story about Reena and Akash who’re opposites. Staying miles away from each other, still Akash from New York and Reena from Chandigarh are brought together by fate in  Mumbai.    In their brief encounter, a vivacious & chirpy middle class Reena, who nurtures the dream of making it big in Bollywood, and the renowned, suave & ruthless billionaire Akash, who will go to any lengths when it is his business,  manage to  change each other’s life  forever. Their story gets you thinking about what fate and destiny has in store for you.

Star Cast

Mikaal, Preeti , Rajesh Khera, Aman Verma, Himani Shivpuri,  Anil Dhawan,  AishwaryaSakhuja, Abhilasha Das and Ravi  Dubey

Release Date 23rd September 2011


Aron Govil, producer and director of the film, 'U R MY JAAN'.


Sharing his name with a noted TV actor creates enough confusion for this passionate NRI film maker but he is poles apart from the rest of the herd of newbies who venture into Bollywood film making. Aron Govil stands out as a visionary who knows the technicalities of what makes a film click on the box-office. Not just has he produced and directed his first independent film venture but the music release is also handled by his own music label Aron Govil Music.
He proudly claims that “Music is an essential part of the Indian film industry” and the lilting numbers are definitely soothing. The song previews of the film depict a finesse of great style and gloss which boasts of high production values. Launching a film with fresh faces and giving the film a resplendent look definitely depicts the passion of a film-maker who is here to stay.
‘U R MY JAAN’ which hits the theatres on 23rd September 2011 should be a welcome refreshing change to romance, excellent music and herald the era of successful films under the banner of Aron Govil Productions Pvt. Ltd.

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